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Hannah in her recent trip to London, England

What happens when someone who loves delicious food, travel and creativity is ready for a new adventure? They start working at That Indian Drink!

My name is Hannah Ruth and I am the marketing manager here. It’s my joy to be on the communication side of production – sharing new recipes, lassi updates and greetings from our founders, Amrit and Ipshita. I learn something new every week. Whether it’s how probiotics benefit our health or how to mix peaches and tomatoes into the perfect salad – everyday here is a day of discovery.

Last year I was looking for an opportunity to give something meaningful to the world and work beside creative, innovative thinkers. I was blessed to discover That Indian Drink and, with it, a community of new friends. To be honest, they weren’t all new, as a couple old friends already worked here, but that made it all the more fun! Amrit and Ipshita create a family environment wherever they are.

That Indian Drink made it all the way to Scotland this fall!

I’m a local musician and songwriter as well, and this past month I went on a trip to festivals in Scotland and England. You may have seen a few photos from this trip on our social media. That Indian Drink made its debut on the airplane trek across the ocean with me and then again on a stone bridge in downtown Edinburgh. Our lassi is the perfect drink for a travelling musician… It’s flavorful, portable, healthy and delicious!

One of our core values is passion. You can tell this is true by the powerful spice and fruit flavors we create, but also in the family and workers behind each lassi. That Indian Drink believes in discovering life’s fullest potential. It is a joy to work alongside other passionate people who want to share healthy, clean food.  It’s not easy in today’s world to find an honest product you can stand by and enjoy with your kids. So every time I share a health benefit on social media or a food blogger writes about our lassis, I feel proud that we are making a positive difference in the families across our country and giving something meaningful to the world around us. From my table to yours, cheers!




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