Cranberry Orange Fusion

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If there’s one thing we strive for at That Indian Drink, it’s giving you something new. Something you haven’t tried or even thought could work. Bridging gaps and creating fusion for new flavors and unique experiences that taste better every time you try them. That’s why we’re introducing our new flavor: Cranberry Orange. 

It wasn’t easy to create such a flavor. Thanks to the dedication of our hardworking staff and the creativity of our chef, a concoction like this is able to make it onto shelves in a store near you! Many factors almost prevented this drink from reaching your lips. The complexity of mixing tarty, tangy fruit with dairy. The strive for perfection that is demanded through all of That Indian Drink’s products. However, the biggest challenge of all to overcome was the temporary moment of complacency. Many people love our current flavors. Why would we need to make more? The answer is because, in the end, we at That Indian Drink strive to surprise, to innovate, and, most of all, to make you happy and give you a drink that you’ll remember forever.

Like our Apple Beet and Raspberry Cinnamon Lassi, at first glance, the flavor combination may make you scratch your head in confusion. Sure, they’re both delicious, but they also elicit different feelings. They’re different aesthetics. One is a fall flavor (cozy and comforting). The other is summer (sweet, refreshing, and perfect for a hot, sunny day). Our chef Ipshita shares, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday not for turkey but because of the cranberry chutney. Cranberry Orange is luscious and has bits of orange with fresh aroma of rosemary in every sip. Of course it reminds me of that festive time all year long!”

Also similar to the aforementioned drinks, however, is that after your first taste, you won’t be able to get enough! This beautiful combination of summer and fall flavors will leave you sipping in delight and bewildered at how it even managed to work. At That Indian Drink, these culinary inventions are about more than just selling you a product. They’re about bringing two very different flavors together to make not just a new taste… but a new feeling.

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