Enjoy a clean, nutty butter that is lactose free and suitable for Paleo, Whole30, Macrobiotic and Ayurverdic diets!


Our co-founder Ipshita Pall is a fine dining chef, who competed on Iron Chef America. She and her husband Amrit moved to “the silicon valley of dairy” – Upstate New York to explore their passion to create clean and healthy food for the whole family. Their promise is – no funny business, only fine ingredients and a chef’s magic!


Golden Ghee

Golden Tea is a rich tradition in India, and with our ghee you can make your own turmeric latte in two easy steps: One, warm one cup of milk or almond milk. Two, add one tablespoon of Golden Ghee! You can sweeten the deal with a spoonful of raw honey  stirred in at the end. We’ve got all the Ayurvedic, fat soluble spices to enhance the medicinal value of your drink and make a true culinary masterpiece. It tastes amazing, stimulates natural immunity, and fuels every cell in your body! Life deserves a few spices. 

How to use...


Great in warm milk or tea!

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Chocolate Saffron Ghee

Bringing together cultures and traditions is one of our favorite things, turning the everyday into something special. For our Chocolate Ghee, we paired our nutty ghee with the richness of chocolate and saffron and added a hint of sweet vanilla. It’s perfect as a spread, stirred into a warm beverage or even in your top-secret cookie recipe. However you use it, you’ll be creating your very own masterpiece to savor, full of health and joy! Life deserves some chocolate!

How to use...


Great as a spread, in a hot drink or for baking!

Plain Ghee

Childhood in India was filled with good, unadulterated family fun. During the hot days of summer vacation, grandmother held a butter churning competition. We grandkids took turns, our arms aching as we churned a little, splashed more, but somehow turned cream into white butter. Grandmother melted the butter down to ghee and popped corn with it while we played and washed off under the clear water of the hose. We strive to bring the same joy to all that we do, so we can give the best to you and your family. Life deserves rich, nutty flavor!

How to use...


Great as a spread and in tea, coffee or hot milk!

Spiced Turmeric Ghee

When we moved to our land of Milk & Honey, Upstate New York, we found that America is a great melting pot of cultures and peoples. So we’re bringing you the best of traditional India to combine with your favorite recipes for an All-American meal that will delight the tastebuds! Life deserves a few spices!

How to use...


Great for cooking, as a spread and in a marinade! 

Spiced Paprika Ghee

Open-air markets are among our fond memories of India; the air thick with the smells of great cooking, the music of people going about their day, and bright colors all around in fine fabrics and bags of spices. There, heaped in a nest of burlap and canvas, were deep red paprika, golden turmeric, coriander, cumin… a treasure trove of flavors. Unlock our traditional treasure chest and take a few home with you in this delicious ghee! Life deserves a few spices!

How to use...


Great for cooking and marinating!


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