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With That Indian Drink, everyday is a day to discover! This month, we invite you to celebrate discovery, legacy and adventure with us – three ingredients we add to every lassi! When you buy one of our lassis at your local grocery store, you’re not just supporting a family-owned business. You are becoming part of a community that lives life to it’s fullest potential.

Schedules can become full when you have a growing family or career. That’s one of the reasons why we love to share our new flavor fusions with you! Maybe you can’t hop on a plane to explore a new country during your lunch break, but our flavors are sure to take you there with just a little imagination. Every lassi commemorates the discovery of a fruit and spice combination our co-founder chef Ipshita has discovered. She loves to take risks and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the kitchen! Every time you sip one of our lassis, we invite you to let the flavor take you and your imagination on a journey of discovery to places you’ve never been! Hint: imagination isn’t just for the kids!

We believe in stewarding our planet’s health and we want to invite you to become part of this legacy. Every ingredient we use is directly sourced from local farmers and friends. This means our lassis are different than other drinks you’ll find on the shelf. Each one of our bottles is filled with fresh ingredients we process in upstate New York. Our co-founder Ipshita “believes in supporting our farmers directly.” The other legacy we build every day is community. Our plant isn’t just a place people come to work. It’s a family we invest in every day. Our lassis are made in the context of friendship – friendship among plant employees and farmers. You can feel good about life when you enjoy That Indian Drink!

When you look at life as one grand adventure, you can find joy in the little things. So whatever happens, remember – the grand adventure is just beginning! There are still new horizons to discover, legacies to be built and adventures to be had. Imagination doesn’t have an age limit and our flavors are here to prove it!

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