Summer Surprise!

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As if you needed even another reason why this summer is amazing, That Indian Drink has a flavor you may not have tried. Blueberry Cardamom is now on store shelves and ready to quench your thirst. Years ago, our chef, Ipshita, stumbled upon blueberries by accident at a farmer’s market. “The farmer selling tubs of fruit was so passionate about it that I had to try some!” Since that day, she has crafted a flavor that combines the sweet and explosive taste of fruit and the grounded and unsuspectingly delicious nature of the spice, cardamom. The result, in the words of Ipshita, creates a surprising  “explosion of flavors in your mouth”. It’s the ultimate summer treat. It’s a fun drink with friends, family, or even when you’re having some much deserved alone time.

The folks at That Indian Drink have brought you a refreshment that takes you back to moments of summertime. Fireworks on clear nights. Baseball games on warm mornings. Hot dogs and burgers on the grill. And, of course, blueberry pie. In fact, Blueberry Cardamom doesn’t just take you back to those moments, it creates them. Ipshita shares, “Berries remind me of Phalsa, an Indian Sherbet from childhood. They are mild in flavor but with tons of antioxidants.” In this writer’s opinion, there is no better summer tradition that grabbing a couple of That Indian Drinks and enjoying them with the ones you love.

While other summertime treats are filled with sugar or other unhealthy substances, That Indian Drink is made with the finest, not to mention, healthiest ingredients. A quick sugary snack on a hot day will leave you feeling unfulfilled, but with That Indian Drink, you can know that you will feel energized and refreshed after every sip.

We invite your family to explore culinary fusion with us this summer. Give your kids our Blueberry Cardamom for a ready to go healthy snack for their sunny adventures! In the end, that’s what this season is all about. Trying new things, traveling to new places, and spending time with special people (and drinks) in your life. Happy July!

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